About us

Embassy Resturant
The Beginning
The summers of ‘48. Two friends left everything including a thriving restaurant business in Karachi and landed in the capital of the just decolonised India. P.N. Malhotra and G.K. Ghai decided to start a new with something old – a friendship, a partnership and a passion to feed people.

They christened this new beginning The Embassy. And after sixty years, this restaurant has become a landmark in both their friendship and the city’s geography.

The Embassy Restaurant
Today besides restaurants, the company runs a very successful and flourishing catering business that provides its services across the globe. Its clientele is a long list of celebrities, and not just from the tinsel town but every sphere other sphere of life.
food at embassy restaurant
Few dishes like mutton chops were synonymous with us, and though a lot of other restaurants – a few of them really good, have also included it in their menus, we are assured that no one makes it like the way we do. The recipes of our old dishes have not changed even an ounce over the years and neither has their demand.

With legacy so vast, the 3rd generation entrepreneur Mr. Kumar Savar Malhotra has joined the business after his global hospitality experience and plans to expand embassy’s legacy globally.