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Embassy Resturant in Connaught Place, New Delhi

Welcome to The Embassy Resturant

Embassy Restaurant

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We at Embassy never felt the need to advertise; our clientele does that for us. We have known many of our patrons since they used to wear knickers and came here, holding their elders hand, for a plate of handmade ice-cream.


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The Begining

It’s said that if your clients are best in their respective fields, you definitely are the best in yours. And catering is no exception to this rule. So instead of telling you how good we are, we would rather you refer to any of our under mentioned clients.



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The summers of ‘48. Two friends left everything including a thriving restaurant business in Karachi and landed in the capital of the just decolonised India. N. Malhotra and G.K. Ghai decided to start anew with something old – a friendship, a partnership and a passion to feed people. They christened this new beginning The Embassy

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